Crime and the Craft now Published

In December 2016, Masonic historian Mike Neville visited Croydon to give a talk entitled ‘Crime and the Craft’ to Crescamus Lodge, its members, their families and friends. Now his book on the same subject has now been published.

Crime and the Craft

Crime and the Craft: Masonic Involvement in Murder, Treason and Scandal reveals the Freemasons who have been involved in murder, treason, skullduggery and scandal from the time of the English Civil War to the 1980s.

Jack the Ripper

Nearly every infamous case investigated by Scotland Yard, including Jack the Ripper, Oscar Wilde, Dr Crippen, the Great Train Robbery and Kray twins, is shown to have Masonic involvement for good or bad. For the first time, sixty lodges that have a link to Jack the Ripper are identified and a known suspect identified as a Freemason.

Masonic involvement in police corruption, from the Trial of the Detectives in 1877 to Operation Countryman, is uncovered. The true involvement of gangster Kenneth Noye is also revealed as are details of the Freemason making secret signs to a judge during a murder trial at the Old Bailey.

Crime and the Craft

This fascinating book for the Freemason and historian also describes how members of the Craft have been pioneers in the development of forensic pathology, fingerprint evidence and the use of images to catch criminals.

Ultimately, Crime and the Craft answers the question: ‘Is there a relationship between Freemasonry and crime?

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