Reunited at Long Last

Many years ago the original Crescamus Lodge’s Secretary’s Jewel was separated from the Lodge without hope of being reunited.

Secretary's Jewel
Reverse of Secretary’s jewel

However, five years ago, it turned up on eBay, but before we could bid, the sale ended. An email to the seller revealed that whilst it didn’t sell on eBay he had, in fact, sold it at a car boot fair. Hopes were dashed and we thought we would never see it again.

Then this summer, out of the blue, it turned up on eBay again. This time, certain not to miss out, a bid was placed and we won the auction.

After many years, the jewel, which had been donated by a founding member of the Lodge and it’s first Secretary had been reunited and returned to its rightful home, where our current Secretary can wear it again with pride.