Talking Heads

Crescamus Lodge is delighted to welcome a team from the Provincial Grand Chapter of Surrey during their next regular meeting at Croydon and District Masonic Halls on Monday 17 October 2016 with a presentation of Talking Heads; The Next Step into The Royal Arch.

Holy Royal Arch Chapter Regalia
Holy Royal Arch regalia

Talking Heads introduces the Holy Royal Arch to the new Master Mason or re-introduces the Order to Craft Freemasons who may have been members but who found it difficult to understand or those for whom it did not “click”.

It covers the history of the Order, explanations of the regalia, links to the Craft, why and the Royal Arch is the climax and completion of pure and Antient Freemasonry and much more.

Lasting 35 minutes and covering questions ranging from idle curiosity ‘why is it a separate Order?’ to more personal speculations such as ‘what is a Master Mason in the 21st Century missing by not being a member of the Royal Arch?’

The Lodge will be Tyled at 17:00 and the dining fee will be £21.00 excluding wine for those wishing to attend the Festive Board.