Charitable Crescamus Lodge October Meeting 2018

At Crescamus Lodge’s October Meeting, the Brethren were extremely charitable as they welcomed W. Bro. Paul Wicking, PPGSuptWks, the Official Representative of the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, Ian Chandler.

W. Bro. Paul, was treated to a fantastic display of ritual from our Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Chris, as the Lodge demonstrated an Initiaition ceremony.

Alzheimer’s Society

When the ceremony was complete, the Lodge’s members voted to donate £200 to the Alzheimer’s Society.

In May, W. Bro. Frank and his wife completed the Isle of Wight Challenge Walk in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. They walked the first 25km of the Isle of Wight Coastal Path as part of the Isle of Wight Challenge. Their aim was to raise as much as possible for research into the prevention of Dementia, and for people living with Dementia.

Alzheimer's Society Freemasonry

The donation from Crescamus Lodge members, meant that over £600 had been raised for the Alzheimer’s Society.

2019 RMBI Festival

The Lodge’s Charity Steward then announced a proposal that the Lodge donate £3000 to the 2019 Surrey RMBI Festival, which the Brethren of the Lodge will vote on at their December meeting.

Candidate for Initiation

The meeting was concluded by the Lodge’s Secretary announcing that the Lodge had a candidate for Initiation, who, therefore, would be joining the Lodge at the next meeting in December.

Festive Board

Following the meeting, the members sat down to dine as per Freemason’s tradition, wrapping up the evening in a splendid fashion, enhanced with the presence of the Lodge’s Official Visitor.