Inside the Freemasons – How to Watch it

Tonight will see the first episode of the long-awaited new documentary Inside the Freemasons on Sky 1. The series will be shown exclusively on Sky 1 starting this evening,  17 April at 8 pm

Inside the Freemasons

This brand new five-part documentary seeks to discover the truth behind the ancient ceremonies and closely-guarded practices of the world’s oldest social network, taking viewers exclusively behind the scenes with unprecedented access in the run-up to its 300th anniversary in 2017.

The show features stories from across England and Wales, including the consecration of a new Lodge in Cardiff. It features people from all walks of life, from former servicemen in the North-West to a biker in Newcastle.

To watch Inside the Freemasons you will need to be able to receive Sky 1. Sky 1 is available to subscribers of Sky, Virgin Media or Talk Talk.


Alternatively, Sky makes almost all its content available over the internet on a service it calls Now TV.

Currently, Now TV is offering a free 14-day trial, followed by £6.99 for a month’s pass. Just click here to start your free trial.

You can either use a Now TV box or you can stream the content through your games console or tablet or smartphone.

The good thing about Now TV is that you can unsubscribe any time you like and just pay a rolling monthly contract.

See the Inside of Freemasonry Yourself

Inside the Freemasons will give you an exclusive insight into Freemasonry, but to truly be Inside the Freemasons click here to find out how to join