Canterbury Cathedral Service – a Celebration of 300 years

Saturday 18 February saw Freemasons from across Surrey, Sussex, and East and West Kent attend a Canterbury Cathedral Service. The event was held to mark the Tercentenary of United Grand Lodge.

R.W. Bro. Ian Chandler Provincial Grand Master of Surrey spoke after the event

It was a delight to join with so many of our Surrey Brethren attending today’s service in Canterbury Cathedral marking three hundred years since the founding of the first ever Grand Lodge.

Canterbury Cathedral Service
Canterbury Cathedral

Surrey Freemasons raised over £50,000, together with similar donations from East and West Kent and Sussex Masonic Provinces, to help finance the restoration of the North-West transept, which was a magnificent effort.

Canterbury Cathedral Service
Cathedral Windows

My sincere thanks to all those Brethren who raised funds and contributed – over and above our other charity work which continues at full steam.

The service made me proud not only of our Province but of what Freemasonry itself has become since those four lodges met at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern and elected Anthony Sayer as the first ever Grand Master in June 1717.

From those relatively humble beginnings, what became the United Grand Lodge of England now has over 200,000 members from all walks of life, all parts of the globe and a wide variety of backgrounds.

  • Sitting with so many colleagues and friends in Canterbury Cathedral, looking back at how we’ve grown and the incredible things we’ve achieved together made me very proud.

It’s important to celebrate our heritage, and of course we’re doing this by running numerous celebratory events during 2017, all of which can be found on our Provincial website.