Surrey Freemasons Raise over £35,000 for Charity!

On Sunday 15 July over 60 Freemasons their, family and friends decamped from Surrey to North Wales to undertake a Zip Wire challenge unlike any other. This was the latest in a string of adventures to raise money for the 2019 Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Festival.

The RMBI run two incredible care homes in Surrey and are committed to delivering services that promote the dignity, independence and choice of the individuals they support.

Within the group was the wife of one of Crescamus Lodge’s members, who is earning herself something of a daredevil reputation having previously undertaken a skydive and abseiled from the steeple of Guildford Cathedral.

Zip Wire

Gala Dinner

Arriving in Snowdonia on Saturday 14 July, for a Gala Dinner at the Royal Victoria Hotel the intrepid adventurers enjoyed a fabulous meal and company. The highlight of the evening was when it was revealed how much had raised for the RMBI; a staggering £35,000.

Velocity 2

Many chose to take an early night, after the festivities for the following morning’s challenge, to conquer Velocity 2. Based in Penrhyn it is the world’s fastest, and the longest zip wire in Europe.

Zip Wore

Reaching speeds of over 100 mph during the 1,555-metre descent, this was to be a white-knuckle experience like no other.

“The zip wire flight down was amazing. As you descend across the quarry lake, perceptions of speed just melt away and you feel like a bird gently gliding on wind. Then the ground accelerates towards you, before you’re suddenly braked to a halt and gently lowered back to ground.”

ZIp wire

This was, without a doubt, one of the most successful Surrey Provincial Charity fundraising events ever. Not just due to the amount raised; but also with the fun that all those participating had in raising the money.

With just ten months to go until the end of the Festival appeal; all the Freemasons across Surrey will be working hard to raise essential funds for the RMBI to ensure that they can keep up their essential work.