Masonic Fund Raising Tops £33 Million

The total charitable support given by the Masonic community for the financial year ending April 2017 has amounted to a whopping £33 million. Over half of that amount went directly to non-Masonic charities.

With this level of support, this puts Freemasonry into the Top 10 of grant-making organisations in the UK. By assets, the Masonic Charitable Foundation alone is in the Top 20 and when Provincial assets are added it is likely to be much higher.

Masonic Charitable Foundation

The £33 million does not include donations made by other orders including the Holy Royal Arch or Mark Masonry and many others. Nor does it include donations directly made by Provinces or Metropolitan Grand Lodge, and the absolute total will no doubt be much greater.

MCF Community Awards

Masonic Charitable Foundation Tercentenary Community Awards

Funds donated in 2017, will be even greater still, as a guaranteed £3 million will be given away £3M MCF Tercentenary Community Awards, Provincial or Metropolitan special grants to celebrate the Tercentenary, an extra £1M in MCF Charity Grants and likely increase in MCF Masonic Support giving plus the inclusion of other Orders in the figures.