Master Proclaimed for 2019

On Monday 18 February, the members of Crescamus Lodge and their visitors attended the Lodge’s Installation meeting, where W. Bro. Chris was Proclaimed as Master for 2019.

Proclaimed as Master

Each year, the February meeting of the Lodge sees the Master appointed, and this year was no different. W. Bro. Chris was Proclaimed as Master of the Lodge for the following 12 months. Chris was first Installed Master in 2018 and the Lodge voted in December, that he should remain in the Master’s Chair for another year. W. Bro. Chris was initiated into Crescamus Lodge in 2011, at the Lodge’s 50th Anniversary meeting in 2011.h

Master Proclaimed for 2019

In front of many members and guests, including the new Chairman of the Foundation Club, Bro. Mark Budds, the Immediate Past Master of the Lodge, W. Bro. Bob, Proclaimed Chris as the Master. That being complete Chris then appointed and invested his officers.

Perfect Ritual

W. Bro. Chris performed to the very highest level during the meeting with the able assistance of his Officers. W. Bros. Frank and John delivered the addresses to the Wardens and Brethren respectively with equal eloquence and aplomb. All the officers involved in the meeting worked hard to achieve perfection and it was clearly evident that they had practised hard and diligently for it

Festive Board

At the end of the meeting, the members of the Lodge and their guests all dined in perfect harmony, enjoying a fabulous meal and drinking several toasts including to the health of the Worshipful Master. The Brethren enjoyed a special treat as the Secretary of the Lodge treated them to bottles of port to celebrate the occasion. A raffle was held raising £70 for charity, with the Lodge’s guests walking away with the best of prizes!

Next Meeting

W. Bro. Chris and the rest of the members of Crescamus Lodge will now look forward to the next meeting on 20th May, when they will have another full agenda as the Lodge’s most recent Initiate undertakes his second degree ceremony.

Surrey Freemasons Remember

On Sunday 11 November, Freemasons from across Surrey, paid their respects at local memorials, marking the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that marked the end of the First World War.

Freemasons from Crescamus Lodge were no different, with members laying a wreath at Selhurst War Memorial, with one of the Lodge’s Past Masters, W. Bro. Sam, laying the wreath on behalf of Surrey Freemasons. They were joined by Freemasons from other Lodges to commemorate those who gave their lives in conflicts since 1914.

Following the laying of wreaths a poignant and moving service in memory of the 100-year anniversary of the Armistice was held.

The Remembrance Service in Selhurst is a community-led event, with local resident’s coming together to remember the fallen.

Ship-Shaped and Bristol Workings Fashioned at Crescamus

On Saturday 28 April, Crescamus Lodge hosted the most amazing ceremony of Bristol Workings as St Augustine’s Lodge No. 3108 travelled from Bristol to demonstrate their unique and dramatic ceremony to the gathered Brethren in Croydon.

Bristol Workings

Buzz of the Province

Crescamus Lodge hosted the event on behalf of the Foundation Club 152 Brethren were at the meeting, including the R.W. Provincial Grand Master Ian Chandler. We were joined by Brethren from not only Surrey but from across the whole country.

The meeting was certainly the buzz of not just the Province of Surrey, but far and beyond. Other than the delegation from Bristol, visitors came from, Berkshire, Essex, Hampshire & IOW, West Kent, Metropolitan, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire and Somerset. It is believed that this was the Lodge’s largest-ever meeting, eclipsing the 139 Brethren present for the Lodge’s Consecration Meeting in 1961.

Bristol Workings

The Bristol Craft ceremonies are believed to date from a period long before the Union of 1813 – one authority has suggested from about 1724. They are considerably different from those worked in the rest of the English Constitution – more elaborate and dramatic. They have affinities in many respects with Irish and American workings. These differences are what draw so many visitors from all parts of the country, and abroad, to witness their workings. They are also the reason Bristol Lodges are so often asked to perform demonstrations in other Provinces. Bristol Workings are unique. Although the Fremason’s ceremonies across the United Grand Lodge of England have the same meaning; Bristol Workings are unique.

The Province of Bristol consists of 37 Craft Lodges – all of whom strive to perform the three degrees of Craft masonry to the highest standards. Ritual books are banned during their ceremonies and therefore each degree is performed by memory.

Festive Board

Following the meeting, 120 Brethren dined in fine style, enjoying a superb three-course meal. This was followed by toasts to those who had partaken in the afternoon’s events, with special attention paid to our visitors from Bristol. A raffle was held during the course of the meal which raised over £500, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity.

New Year, New Master!

On Monday 19 February 2018, Crescamus Lodge installed their new Master into the Chair of King Solomon.

Worshipful Master

After months of preparation, it was a great night with many guests coming to witness W. Bro. Chris being installed.

W. Bro. Chris, who was initiated at Crescamus’ 50th Anniversary meeting in 2011, who has spent the last seven years preparing for the moment and the year ahead, was ably assisted by his Father-in-Law and Past Master W. Bro. Rob.

Following the Installation Ceremony, W. Bro. Chris appointed his Officers for the year ahead.

The Master’s Year Ahead

Chris’ first challenge will be an extra special meeting on 28 April, as Crescamus Lodge host a demonstration of Bristol Workings, by St Augustine’s Lodge 3108., to where over 100 Freemasons are expected to attend.

The Master will also be hosting plenty of social events for friends and family of the Lodge’s members, culminating in a Ladies Festival. If you want to join the Lodge and become a Freemason or attend one of our social events to find out more about the Lodge and Freemasonry, why not contact us?


It was a fantastic evening topped off by a great meal at the Festive Board, which everyone enjoyed. Congratulations once again to our new Worshipful Master.

Crescamus Lodge Remembers the Fallen

On Remembrance Sunday 2017, a number of members of Crescamus Lodge, their friends and family gathered at Selhurst War Memorial to lay a reef to remember those who paid the ultimate price.

Remembrance Sunday

The ceremony at Selhurst War Memorial is whilst not official, has been marked by local residents for the past four years. The event which is supported by the Two Brewers on Gloucester Road, Croydon, was revived by the W. Bro. Sam Norman ProvGStwd, Secretary of Crescamus Lodge in 2014, after a hiatus of 24 years after the closure of the Holy Trinity Church in 1980.

Roughly one in six of the 633 VC recipients during World War I were Freemasons. Of these, 64 were under UGLE and 43 were under Grand Lodges in the British Empire. In 2017, memorial paving stones were laid to remember their gallantry.

Following the short memorial service, those present returned to the Two Brewers for a social gathering a small libation and a sausage or bacon butty.

Croydon Freemasons visit Loge Serenite in Belgium

On Friday 10th March, Croydon Freemasons who are members of Crescamus Lodge, together with members of the Foundation Club; ventured across the Channel to visit Loge Serenite No. 56 of the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium.

Croydon Freemasons visit Loge Serenite
Foundation Club visit to Lodge Serenity

Travelling as part of a contingent of members of the Foundation Club from across Surrey; the Croydon Freemasons took the first Eurostar in the morning arriving in Lille just in time for lunch. After a lazy day exploring the historic Flemish City, they were collected by members of Serenite Lodge. After a short drive across the Belgian border, the Brethren arrived in the small town of Peruwelz home to Serenite Lodge.

Loge Serenite

The Brethren were in for an amazing evening as honoured guests of their Belgian counterparts. All who were there would profess to it being and an amazing meeting. Whilst Freemasonry is universal; the slight differences, traditions and variations between Freemasonry in the two countries made the event an occasion never to be forgotten by all the Brethren. The meeting was followed by a meal at its conclusion, where the delights of Belgium food and were showcased.

In the true spirit of Freemasonry, the Foundation Club members were made to feel truly welcome. So much so that plans are now afoot for a contingent from Loge Serenite to visit Surrey in the near future.

Exploring Belgium further

The following day the group moved onto Ghent where they explored the beautiful ancient city. Trying local delicacies including Bicky Burgers, Ghent Noses, Jenever and of course the many beers Belgium is famous for.

Croydon Masons visit Loge Serenite
Surrey Freemasons enjoying Ghent

Soon day turned into night and the Brethren further enjoyed Belgian hospitality before leaving the Flemish city on Sunday and beginning their journey back to Surrey, with thoughts of which country to visit next year!

Reunited at Long Last

Many years ago the original Crescamus Lodge’s Secretary’s Jewel was separated from the Lodge without hope of being reunited.

Secretary's Jewel
Reverse of Secretary’s jewel

However, five years ago, it turned up on eBay, but before we could bid, the sale ended. An email to the seller revealed that whilst it didn’t sell on eBay he had, in fact, sold it at a car boot fair. Hopes were dashed and we thought we would never see it again.

Then this summer, out of the blue, it turned up on eBay again. This time, certain not to miss out, a bid was placed and we won the auction.

After many years, the jewel, which had been donated by a founding member of the Lodge and it’s first Secretary had been reunited and returned to its rightful home, where our current Secretary can wear it again with pride.

New Masonic Season Here Already!

With the start of the new Masonic Season, Crescamus Lodge members are excited about what the year ahead brings.

With new members joining us and a new Master being installed in February 2015; this is the perfect time to get involved with Freemasonry and join Crescamus yourself.

Ladies Night

In November we will be holding our Ladies Night in aid of Pilgrims Hospices at Croydon Aerodrome Hotel.

For more information on joining Crescamus Lodge and becoming a Freemason, or for details of our Ladies Night please contact us.