New Master Shows 2020 Vision!

Once a year a new Master is installed in each Masonic Lodge, and Crescamus is no different. Each February sees Crescamus Lodge’s Installation meeting, with the meeting this year being on Monday 17 February.

At our previous meeting, W. Bro. Brian had been chosen by the members as Master Elect.

W. Bro. Brian was Installed by the outgoing Master W. Bro. Chris, who had served the Lodge admirably as Master for the past two years.

W. Bro. Brian joined Crescamus Lodge in 2008, having previously been Master of Royal Standard Lodge No. 1298.

Once W. Bro. Brian had been Proclaimed as Master, he then appointed his Officers for the forthcoming year.

Past Master’s Jewel

It was then proposed that as a mark of thanks to the service that W. Bro. Brian’s predecessor had given to the Lodge, that a Past Master’s jewel should be given to W. Bro. Chris.

The Year Ahead

The Master will also be hosting plenty of social events for friends and family of the Lodge’s members, culminating in a Ladies Festival. If you want to join the Lodge and become a Freemason or attend one of our social events to find out more about the Lodge and Freemasonry, why not contact us?


It was a fantastic evening topped off by a great meal at the Festive Board, which everyone enjoyed. Congratulations once again to our new Worshipful Master.

Ripper of a Christmas at Crescamus

Friends, family, and members of Crescamus Lodge gathered in Croydon for their annual White Table to celebrate Christmas on 9th December.

White Table

At the White Table, non-Masons dine with the members and being December, a four-course Christmas dinner was, of course, the choice of menu.

Jack the Ripper

After the conclusion of our Lodge meeting, we invited our guest into the Lodge room so that Mike Neville a renowned Masonic historian, could give his latest talk, “Jack the Ripper, Jack the Mason?”.

The interesting, entertaining and informative talk explored the likely suspects and those that had investigated the case originally, highlighting those with links to Freemasonry. It was quickly ruled out that Jack the Ripper was a Mason, but just who he was, still remains a mystery.

Everyone enjoyed the evening, and we were all then entertained during our meal by a harpist, and of course some Christmas carols.

Fantastic October for Crescamus

Crescamus Lodge’s October meeting was another fantastic occasion, and made all the better, by a visit from not just one, but two Deputy Provincial Grand Masters.

Firstly, we honoured by the presence of V.W. Brother David Chambers Past Grand Sword Bearer. V.W. Bro. David had been initiated into Crescamus Lodge, before moving to Yorkshire several years ago, where he has risen to the rank of Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings. To mark David’s promotion the Brethren of Crescamus elected David to honorary membership.

We were also visited by V.W. Brother Richard Wileman, PGSwdB, Surrey’s own Deputy Provincial Grand Master who joined us to wish his best to V.W. Bro. David. Richard was accompanied by the Provincial Grand Secretary, W. Bro. Mike Robinson, one of the Province’s Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies and a retinue of Provincial Grand Stewards.

The meeting also saw our most recent member Raised to the 3rd Degree, making him a Master Mason, in a fantastic style by the Master and Brethren of the Lodge.

After the conclusion of the ceremony, the members of Crescamus unanimously voted to donate £600.00 to charities. Those who benefitted were Katie’s Lymphodema Fund, St. Pier’s School (Young Epilepsy) and South East Cancer Help Centre, Purley.

After the conclusion of the Lodge meeting, the members and their guests all dined together enjoying a fabulous meal and each other’s company.

With a Little Help from our Friends

Monday 20 May, saw the Crescamus’ final meeting of the Masonic season, and what a great meeting it was. 29 Brethren were present as we Passed to the Second Degree our newest member.

With the late-Spring bank holiday approaching fast, several of our members were unable to make the meeting, with holidays having been booked. So we called upon our friends from the Foundation Club, Surrey’s Club for new Masons and a smattering of Provincial Grand Stewards past and present to help us out and ensure a fantastic ceremony for our candidate.

Members of the Foundation Club with our newly Passed Brother

The Worshipful Master opened the lodge and after welcoming our many visitors, carried out the Ceremony of Passing in fine form. He was ably assisted by his Officers including W. Bro Mike and Bro. Mark from the Foundation Club who stood in as Junior Deacon and Inner Guard respectively and did a fantastic job.

Second Degree Tracing Board

Following the conclusion of the ceremony another of our guests, W. Bro. Ivan gave a splendid rendition of the Second Degree Tracing Board lecture for the benefit of our newly Passed Brother.

Silver Award

Crescamus Lodge was then honoured when W. Bro. John, Treasurer of the Surrey 2019 RMBI Festival presented the Worshipful Master with a Silver Award for the Lodge’s contribution in helping the Province reach and exceed its target of raising £3.25 million. Crescamus Lodge donated a very impressive £11,596 to that total.

Festive Board

Following the conclusion of the lodge meeting, the brethren retired to the bar before sitting down to dinner which topped a great evening, with everyone enjoying themselves, ensuring it was a very lively evening in the best of company.

Summer Socials

With the summer fast approaching, all eyes are on summer social events, from barbecues to curry nights, the perfect opportunity for you to find out if Freemasonry is for you! If you are interested in attending and finding out more about Freemasonry why not contact us?

Next Meeting

The Lodge doesn’t meet again until October when we will be visited by Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Surrey and balloting to make the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings who was initiated into Crescamus Lodge an Honorary member, as well as Raising a Brother to the Third Degree.

Surrey Freemasons Remember

On Sunday 11 November, Freemasons from across Surrey, paid their respects at local memorials, marking the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that marked the end of the First World War.

Freemasons from Crescamus Lodge were no different, with members laying a wreath at Selhurst War Memorial, with one of the Lodge’s Past Masters, W. Bro. Sam, laying the wreath on behalf of Surrey Freemasons. They were joined by Freemasons from other Lodges to commemorate those who gave their lives in conflicts since 1914.

Following the laying of wreaths a poignant and moving service in memory of the 100-year anniversary of the Armistice was held.

The Remembrance Service in Selhurst is a community-led event, with local resident’s coming together to remember the fallen.

Charitable Crescamus Lodge October Meeting 2018

At Crescamus Lodge’s October Meeting, the Brethren were extremely charitable as they welcomed W. Bro. Paul Wicking, PPGSuptWks, the Official Representative of the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, Ian Chandler.

W. Bro. Paul, was treated to a fantastic display of ritual from our Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Chris, as the Lodge demonstrated an Initiaition ceremony.

Alzheimer’s Society

When the ceremony was complete, the Lodge’s members voted to donate £200 to the Alzheimer’s Society.

In May, W. Bro. Frank and his wife completed the Isle of Wight Challenge Walk in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. They walked the first 25km of the Isle of Wight Coastal Path as part of the Isle of Wight Challenge. Their aim was to raise as much as possible for research into the prevention of Dementia, and for people living with Dementia.

Alzheimer's Society Freemasonry

The donation from Crescamus Lodge members, meant that over £600 had been raised for the Alzheimer’s Society.

2019 RMBI Festival

The Lodge’s Charity Steward then announced a proposal that the Lodge donate £3000 to the 2019 Surrey RMBI Festival, which the Brethren of the Lodge will vote on at their December meeting.

Candidate for Initiation

The meeting was concluded by the Lodge’s Secretary announcing that the Lodge had a candidate for Initiation, who, therefore, would be joining the Lodge at the next meeting in December.

Festive Board

Following the meeting, the members sat down to dine as per Freemason’s tradition, wrapping up the evening in a splendid fashion, enhanced with the presence of the Lodge’s Official Visitor.

Ship-Shaped and Bristol Workings Fashioned at Crescamus

On Saturday 28 April, Crescamus Lodge hosted the most amazing ceremony of Bristol Workings as St Augustine’s Lodge No. 3108 travelled from Bristol to demonstrate their unique and dramatic ceremony to the gathered Brethren in Croydon.

Bristol Workings

Buzz of the Province

Crescamus Lodge hosted the event on behalf of the Foundation Club 152 Brethren were at the meeting, including the R.W. Provincial Grand Master Ian Chandler. We were joined by Brethren from not only Surrey but from across the whole country.

The meeting was certainly the buzz of not just the Province of Surrey, but far and beyond. Other than the delegation from Bristol, visitors came from, Berkshire, Essex, Hampshire & IOW, West Kent, Metropolitan, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire and Somerset. It is believed that this was the Lodge’s largest-ever meeting, eclipsing the 139 Brethren present for the Lodge’s Consecration Meeting in 1961.

Bristol Workings

The Bristol Craft ceremonies are believed to date from a period long before the Union of 1813 – one authority has suggested from about 1724. They are considerably different from those worked in the rest of the English Constitution – more elaborate and dramatic. They have affinities in many respects with Irish and American workings. These differences are what draw so many visitors from all parts of the country, and abroad, to witness their workings. They are also the reason Bristol Lodges are so often asked to perform demonstrations in other Provinces. Bristol Workings are unique. Although the Fremason’s ceremonies across the United Grand Lodge of England have the same meaning; Bristol Workings are unique.

The Province of Bristol consists of 37 Craft Lodges – all of whom strive to perform the three degrees of Craft masonry to the highest standards. Ritual books are banned during their ceremonies and therefore each degree is performed by memory.

Festive Board

Following the meeting, 120 Brethren dined in fine style, enjoying a superb three-course meal. This was followed by toasts to those who had partaken in the afternoon’s events, with special attention paid to our visitors from Bristol. A raffle was held during the course of the meal which raised over £500, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity.

New Year, New Master!

On Monday 19 February 2018, Crescamus Lodge installed their new Master into the Chair of King Solomon.

Worshipful Master

After months of preparation, it was a great night with many guests coming to witness W. Bro. Chris being installed.

W. Bro. Chris, who was initiated at Crescamus’ 50th Anniversary meeting in 2011, who has spent the last seven years preparing for the moment and the year ahead, was ably assisted by his Father-in-Law and Past Master W. Bro. Rob.

Following the Installation Ceremony, W. Bro. Chris appointed his Officers for the year ahead.

The Master’s Year Ahead

Chris’ first challenge will be an extra special meeting on 28 April, as Crescamus Lodge host a demonstration of Bristol Workings, by St Augustine’s Lodge 3108., to where over 100 Freemasons are expected to attend.

The Master will also be hosting plenty of social events for friends and family of the Lodge’s members, culminating in a Ladies Festival. If you want to join the Lodge and become a Freemason or attend one of our social events to find out more about the Lodge and Freemasonry, why not contact us?


It was a fantastic evening topped off by a great meal at the Festive Board, which everyone enjoyed. Congratulations once again to our new Worshipful Master.

Traditional Crescamus Christmas

On Monday 11 December, Freemasons from Crescamus Lodge, their friends and family enjoyed their annual Christmas White Table at Croydon and District Masonic Halls.

Croydon Freemason Christmas

All present enjoyed a fabulous four-course Christmas meal, whilst being entertained by the excellent Lynwood Singers, with seasonal Christmas Carols.

Here’s to a wonderful and happy Christmas and healthy New Year to you all from the Brethren of Crescamus Lodge.