Why I became a Freemason

I was initiated, into Crescamus Lodge, and joined the Freemasons in October 2007 and it was certainly a night to remember.

Freemasons Gloves give to me when I joined the Freemasons

Before joining I certainly did have some reservations. I had heard plenty about Freemasons. Funny handshakes, rolling up trouser legs and the like. But speaking to some family members I learnt that they were Freemasons, and after speaking to them I realised that Freemasonry can’t be all that bad if relatives I loved and respected were members.

In 2006 I moved to Croydon and made some new friends who happened to be Freemasons and talked to them about their experiences. I was soon invited to the Lodge to meet other members to learn more and see if I would like to join. I went with my wife and we were made truly welcome, had a lovely meal with the members and their partners, and were given a tour of the Temple.

It was then, given the excellent hospitality, how welcome the two of us were made to feel that I decided to take the plunge and join Crescamus Lodge and the Freemasons.

Ever since I have had a wonderful time. Freemasonry has truly become my hobby.

As a Lodge, we meet four times a year, plus we have our weekly Lodge of Instruction. We also have lots of social events over the course of the year; barbeques, Ladies Festival, quiz nights, trips to the theatre and curry nights

I have also had the opportunity to visit Lodges both throughout this country, but also abroad, meeting people I wouldn’t have otherwise and making many new friends.


My family also enjoy the fact that I am a Freemason. Most if not all the social events that the Lodge organises are also open to wives and partners. We have had some fantastic times together, and we always are looking forward to the next event.

Becoming a Freemason has been one of the best decision I have ever made. My advice to you if you are interested in Freemasonry is to get in touch before coming to meet us to see if Freemasonry is for you!