New Master Shows 2020 Vision!

Once a year a new Master is installed in each Masonic Lodge, and Crescamus is no different. Each February sees Crescamus Lodge’s Installation meeting, with the meeting this year being on Monday 17 February.

At our previous meeting, W. Bro. Brian had been chosen by the members as Master Elect.

W. Bro. Brian was Installed by the outgoing Master W. Bro. Chris, who had served the Lodge admirably as Master for the past two years.

W. Bro. Brian joined Crescamus Lodge in 2008, having previously been Master of Royal Standard Lodge No. 1298.

Once W. Bro. Brian had been Proclaimed as Master, he then appointed his Officers for the forthcoming year.

Past Master’s Jewel

It was then proposed that as a mark of thanks to the service that W. Bro. Brian’s predecessor had given to the Lodge, that a Past Master’s jewel should be given to W. Bro. Chris.

The Year Ahead

The Master will also be hosting plenty of social events for friends and family of the Lodge’s members, culminating in a Ladies Festival. If you want to join the Lodge and become a Freemason or attend one of our social events to find out more about the Lodge and Freemasonry, why not contact us?


It was a fantastic evening topped off by a great meal at the Festive Board, which everyone enjoyed. Congratulations once again to our new Worshipful Master.

Ripper of a Christmas at Crescamus

Friends, family, and members of Crescamus Lodge gathered in Croydon for their annual White Table to celebrate Christmas on 9th December.

White Table

At the White Table, non-Masons dine with the members and being December, a four-course Christmas dinner was, of course, the choice of menu.

Jack the Ripper

After the conclusion of our Lodge meeting, we invited our guest into the Lodge room so that Mike Neville a renowned Masonic historian, could give his latest talk, “Jack the Ripper, Jack the Mason?”.

The interesting, entertaining and informative talk explored the likely suspects and those that had investigated the case originally, highlighting those with links to Freemasonry. It was quickly ruled out that Jack the Ripper was a Mason, but just who he was, still remains a mystery.

Everyone enjoyed the evening, and we were all then entertained during our meal by a harpist, and of course some Christmas carols.

Jack the Ripper, Jack the Mason?

On Monday 9th December, Crescamus Lodge will be hosting renowned Masonic historian Mike Neville, as he returns to Croydon to give the latest of his talks, “Jack the Ripper, Jack the Mason?”

Was there a Masonic conspiracy?

Which suspects were “On the square”?

What were the Masonic links to Scotland Yard?

The letters from “Jack’ received by Members of the Craft, Masonic doctors, coroners, and pathologists…

This will be your chance to solve the most famous crime in history

To find out more about this great event please get in contact with us.

Fantastic October for Crescamus

Crescamus Lodge’s October meeting was another fantastic occasion, and made all the better, by a visit from not just one, but two Deputy Provincial Grand Masters.

Firstly, we honoured by the presence of V.W. Brother David Chambers Past Grand Sword Bearer. V.W. Bro. David had been initiated into Crescamus Lodge, before moving to Yorkshire several years ago, where he has risen to the rank of Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings. To mark David’s promotion the Brethren of Crescamus elected David to honorary membership.

We were also visited by V.W. Brother Richard Wileman, PGSwdB, Surrey’s own Deputy Provincial Grand Master who joined us to wish his best to V.W. Bro. David. Richard was accompanied by the Provincial Grand Secretary, W. Bro. Mike Robinson, one of the Province’s Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies and a retinue of Provincial Grand Stewards.

The meeting also saw our most recent member Raised to the 3rd Degree, making him a Master Mason, in a fantastic style by the Master and Brethren of the Lodge.

After the conclusion of the ceremony, the members of Crescamus unanimously voted to donate £600.00 to charities. Those who benefitted were Katie’s Lymphodema Fund, St. Pier’s School (Young Epilepsy) and South East Cancer Help Centre, Purley.

After the conclusion of the Lodge meeting, the members and their guests all dined together enjoying a fabulous meal and each other’s company.

Crescamus Honoured at Cathedral Service

The annual Surrey Provincial Cathedral Service was held on Sunday 15th September at Guildford Cathedral. Members of Crescamus Lodge and their families were in attendance as Crescamus was honoured with the privilege of parading their banner.

Masonic Banners Guildford Cathedral

The Annual Service of Thanksgiving is one of the highlights of the Masonic year, a chance for Brethren and Companions and their families to get together at the beginning of the Masonic season and a rare occasion when members are encouraged to wear their full dress regalia in public. This makes the service a true celebration, and rich in colour and tradition.

Very few lodges are ever selected to parade their banner and Crescamus Lodge now count within that number. Our newest member was selected out of the members of the Lodge to carry the banner and had a fantastic day being centre of attention.

The service itself welcomes civil signatories from across the Surrey.

New Masonic Season is Here!

With September arriving and the kids going back to school, it can only mean one thing… the new Masonic season is here at Crescamus as we look forward to the year ahead.

Crescamus Lodge meets formally in October, December, February and May, with weekly Lodges of Instruction at Croydon and District Masonic Halls, where the members get together to learn more about their Freemasonry and rehearse for the upcoming meetings.

New Masonic Season

The year ahead at Crescamus looks as busy and exciting as ever with a range of events and meetings to whet everyone’s appetite.


In October we will be welcoming the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W. Bro. Richard Wileman to Croydon who will be joined by his retinue of escorting officers.

At the meeting, we will be raising to the third degree our newest member who joined the Lodge last year. This will be the completion of his journey in Craft Masonry.

We will also have the distinct pleasure of welcoming V.W. Bro. David Chambers a former member of Crescamus Lodge back to Croydon, now that he has been appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Yorkshire North and East Ridings.


December will see our usual White Table meeting, where after the conclusion of the formal Masonic business, we will welcome our guest into the Temple, before we retire for a Christmas meal, complete with carols. If you would like to experience Masonic hospitality with a view to joining, please contact us.


Each and every February, Crescamus Lodge hold’s its annual Installation meeting, where the Master is appointed for the year ahead, and this year will be no different. Being Master is a big responsibility but one which every Mason aspires to.


Our May meeting is always the conclusion of the year, and always good fun. At this meeting, we will be looking to add to the members of Crescamus, by initiating our newest member. Could this be you?

Social Events

Crescamus Lodge also holds many social events throughout the year, from Curry Nights to Sunday Carveries and from Christmas celebrations to formal Ladies’ Nights and will certainly be doing the same again this coming year. There is always something for the whole family to enjoy!.